Welcome to Radiant Skin Coach!

Let’s huddle up and find out what your Personal Record (PR) is for skin wellness.

Winning tactics

  • Do you use natural or organic skincare products?
  • Do you read the ingredients on your skincare products?
  • Do you look for certification symbols?
    • Good Shopping Guide (ethical company)
    • Leaping Bunny (cruelty free)
    • Natural Products Association
    • PETA
    • Positive Luxury (positive brand)
    • Soil Association(organic)
    • USDA Organic
    • Vegan.org
  • Do you look for brands that have pledged either the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics or Truth in Labeling for natural ingredients?
  • Do you look for eco-friendly packaging and fair trade practices?

Negative tactics

  • Do you buy product based on celebrity endorsements?
  • Do you buy product based on consumer satisfaction results?
  • Do you buy product to receive a free gift?
  • Do your products contain:
    • Acrylates
    • BHT
    • Carbomer
    • DEA
    • EDTA
    • GMO ingredients
    • Mineral oils
    • Nano ingredients
    • Octinoxate
    • oxybenzone
    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Silicones
    • Synthetic fragrances

    A few more X’s and O’s regarding skin wellness:

    Wellness is a positive approach to an exuberant life.  A variety of choices are made to improve the vitality of life for a healthy body and mind connection.  One such choice is for the wellness of our skin.  Skin wellness is more than limiting infection, disease and injury.  Skin care products can have an impact on our organs or bodily functions.  The products are not consistently regulated by the FDA, and manufacturers can incorporate any ingredient whether safe or not.  Therefore by choosing organic, healthy and safe products our skin can function in a more radiant, vital way, leading to skin wellness.