Natural ingredients – for your skin’s wellness

It can be quite confusing to determine which ingredients are really natural. The FDA does not have a standardized requirement.  Manufacturers market and label product “natural” primarily for profit.

Unless you are someone like me, you may not enjoy reading labels on everything you purchase. I feel like a detective and am very excited when I found a product that is truly natural. When I do, I know my skin will be healthy and radiant. Our skin is our largest organ, and anything you apply on it will penetrate further into your body.

I want to give an example of a skincare product that is marketed as natural, award winning with soy and broad spectrum protection, which is not. The detective in me came out and I began an analysis. Soy is definitely natural, yet there is no source listed if it is genetically modified. I look for products, skincare and food, that are non-GMO.

Then I checked for which award the product won. I could not find it on the company’s website any where. I would think they would be highlighting the award.

And what I consider the most important part of skincare products is sun protection. I reviewed their five chemical sun protection ingredients and one of them I would never use, oxybenzone. According to the Environmental Working Group oxybenzone is a chemical that when absorbed in the skin produces photoallergic reactions and may be an endocrine disruptor. It contaminates the bodies of 97% of Americans according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  I only choose zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as they are mineral based – not chemical.

A few other ingredients that I do not recommend that are in this product:

glycerin: animal rendering
parabens: may be linked to estrogen overproduction. This product has 3 parabens – methylparaben, propylparaben, and ethylparaben
EDTA: does not readily biodegrade

Choose natural ingredients that have been evaluated by a skin expert – ME – Radiant Skin Coach!

Contact me for a list of natural skincare ingredients.

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