Healthy Tips to Sooth Your Sunburnt Skin

As much as we apply sunscreen, there is always the chance you will get sunburned. This excerpt is from my upcoming “Xs and Os Sun Awareness and Sun Protection Guidebook.”

Following are great tips to sooth your skin when you get a sunburn.

Within the first 24 hours:

  • Apply a bag of ice, or compresses dipped in cold water and/or witch hazel.
  • Soak in a tub of cool water and a cup of vinegar. Avoid soap, as it is not the right pH for your skin. It will make your skin dry or dehydrated.
  • After you soak, apply a body oil, such as coconut oil.

During the first night of sleep:

  • Sprinkle dusting body powder on your sheets.
  • Elevate your feet if they are swollen.

Then the next few days soothe with:

  • Aloe vera (without alcohol)
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Both can be placed in the refrigerator, which will feel cooler on your skin.

Drink plenty of water.


  • Watermelon
  • Honeydews
  • Cantaloupes

If you have blisters:

  • Apply coconut oil.
  • Only drain them with a sterilized needle.
  • Do NOT peel off the skin, It may lead to infection. I KNOW it is tempting!

I also recommend two items from NYR Organics:

  • Lavender & Aloe Cooling Cream – This soothing cream contains 2% organic honey, 17% organic almond oil, 4.5% organic plantain tincture and 4.5% organic nettle tincture combined with organic lavender oil and aloe vera in a soothing cream base.
  • White Tea Facial Mist – A gentle facial mist to calm, refresh and rehydrate the skin. Infused with antioxidant white tea, calming organic aloe vera, aromatherapeutic organic essential oils and soothing Bach Flower Remedies.

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