You may be wanting to brighten your skin as it gets dull during the Fall season. Take an offensive step for radiant skin by turning over a new leaf.

Offense is the second strategy in my Radiant Skin Wellness Game Plan.  To be on offense for your skin, you:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Hydrate


Use a cleanser that has both oil and water-based ingredients. This provides two purposes:

  • Cleansing the skin of dirt and makeup

  • Refreshing the skin.

Wet your skin first before using a cleanser. Massage the cleanser into your skin with small, circular movements. Remove with warm water.

To enhance the cleanser, add:

  • Orange blossom essential oil for normal skin

  • Rosehip seed oil for dry skin

  • Geranium essential oil for sensitive skin

  • Palmarosa essential oil for oily/combination skin

  • Frankincense essential oil for ageless skin


Use a toner to balance and purify your skin. I suggest that the base of your toner have aloe vera water. It soothes and cools the skin.

Based on your skin type and condition include:

  • Orange blossom and lavender essential oils for normal skin. These essential oils keep your skin healthy and smooth.

  • Rosehip seed oil for dry skin. This oil hydrates and replenishes your skin’s natural radiance.

  • Geranium and lavender essential oils for sensitive skin. These essential oils calm and hydrate your skin.

  • Witch hazel and palmarosa essential oil for oily skin. Witch hazel is an astringent that tightens the pores, and palmarosa improves your level of sebum.

Apply the toner to a flat cotton round. This works better than a cotton ball, as the liquid could roll off and product is wasted. A toner also removes the rest of your makeup, if it did not come completely with your cleanser.


All skin types and conditions need hydration or moisturization with hyaluronic and Vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid is THE best hydrating ingredient. It seals in moisture by holding its’ weight in water 1000 times. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens the skin and increases collagen that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

To enhance the hydrator, add the same ingredients for the cleanser above.

Use all three steps morning and evening in an upward movement – opposite of gravity.  Upward movements keep your skin more radiant.

Contact me to get recipes for the above products and to determine your skin type and condition.

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