Year Round Gift: Geranium & Orange Reviving Collection

Geranium & Orange Reviving Collection
PLU 7339  /  $50

The Geranium & Orange Reviving Collection contains:

A beautiful gift, this skin conditioning natural and organic collection revives mind and body with balancing geranium and uplifting orange essential oils. Stimulate your senses with our shower gel, nurture your skin with our body lotion and keep your hands soft on the go with our hand cream.

  • Geranium & Orange Shower Gel (6.76fl.oz.) – the perfect start to your day, with soothing, skin-conditioning calendula extract
  • Geranium & Orange Body Lotion (3.38fl.oz.) – beautifully moisturizing, with vitamin-rich olive and pumpkin seed oils and hydrating aloe vera
  • Geranium & Orange Hand Cream (1.69fl.oz.) – uplifting and nourishing, this is a handbag must-have for soft, fragrant hands